About Us


Amazing ice cream that happens to be vegan.


Ice Green is a company that makes incredible small batch vegan ice cream. Making everything ourselves from the ice cream bases to the brownies, honeycomb and sauces to add in is very labour intensive but it makes such a huge difference to the flavour and customer satisfaction.

How it began

The idea for Ice Green came about after founder Amy had been working for friends doing festival catering for a couple of years and wanted to launch her own business. She just had to find something that hadn't been done before.. (easier said than done, most types of food have been covered by festival caterers, from the humble toast and tea wagon to exotic curries and everything in between.) 

Eventually her sweet tooth won and she settled for ice cream, but this would have to be very special ice cream to hold its own against the many other types available, and so the idea was born for dairy free cashew based ice creams.

Having never dabbled in dairy free ice cream before it was a steep learning curve for her, however after a lot of practice and failed recipes, we have got the technique that produces unbelievably creamy ice cream every time, and can be flavoured by fresh fruit, spices, cocoa etc.

Why dairy free?

We make dairy free products because we believe that ditching animal products improves human health, and we wanted to show people that plant based foods can be just as awesome and indulgent as their animal based counterparts.

The caravan

We serve all this dairy free deliciousness from a beautifully quirky 1960's caravan turned mobile ice cream parlour that is-you guessed it- also hand made!

We picked her up locally and between the team we managed to turn her from a disintegrating shell to a fabulous and functional festival wagon.




Find us at festivals and prepare to have your taste buds tingled with old school classics and inventive new flavours




Amy founded Ice Green with the help of her awesome husband Josh. Amy handles the ice cream making, the marketing and social media, the festival and event applications and driving the Ice Green convoy. Josh is the chief taster and most honest critic, the technical support, handyman, and map reader. In the summer time they travel the country serving ice cream and enjoying life together.