Logo lift off


We have a logo! And its just as beautiful as I ever could have hoped. Myself and Han @Nuclear ape actually created this lil ripper about two months ago but it transpires that I am terrible at keeping up to date with all my internetty things... insta, fb, blog errryday! Let me tell you guys, its hard work coming up with interesting stuff to post about every day. Luckily no one is really paying much attention at this point so i'm just over here practicing my blogging by myself :) And now i'm rambling! Back to the point; lovely logo. Working on getting it vinyl'd on to the caravan now. Its going to be proper job!

Also on a side note, Autumn has taken hold, winter swells are on the way, after that a bright shiny new spring and then our first summer trading. It's real now!

Amy OgilvieComment